Our services are based on a foundation in nutrition.

RD Fitness is, primarily, a nutrition consulting service. I work with a variety of clients - from weekend warriors to competitive athletes to women wanting to lose post-pregnancy weight. My approach to nutrition is catered to a client's background, goals, skill set, and health history. We can construct a framework to help you take your first steps into the world of healthier eating, or we can build detailed "macro-oriented" meal plans to help you prepare for your competitive event.

Getting started With Coaching

To get started working with me click the here and fill out the application and receive a free consultation.

My prices start at $250 off season and $350 for contest prep. All the following is included:

-Customized Meal Plan

-Customized Cardio Program

-Customized Training Program

-Supplement & Hormone Recommendations

-Adjustments to programming based on biofeedback

-Troubleshooting bloodwork & working with PCP to resolve existing conditions

-24/7 Text & phone communication 

-Guidance on posing, tanning, and planning your show