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Use the program I followed for 4 months leading into one of the biggest shows in the world. This program allowed me to showcase my best physique to date.

My approach

I use my years of formal education along with real world experience to my clients programs. Each program is based on the individuals goals, lifestyle and most importantly feedback.

Whether your athlete getting ready for your next competition or a business person trying to have the best physique of their life I am able to cater to your individual needs

About me

I grew up in a small town in Alabama where I learned good, honest hard work. At the age of 17 I joined the Air Force where I served as Electronic Warfare technician. During that time I also began my fitness journey. I turned pro after at 21 and went on to become a 4x IFBB Pro Champion.

While I was gaining real world experience I also wanted to focus on my education which led me to get 5 certifications through ISSA, making me a Master trainer, 1 certification from Precision Nutrition and my Nutrition Consulting License through AFPA.

Currently I am ranked as one of top 5 Classic Physique athletes on the planet and still furthering my education.